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Enjoy a relaxing time surrounded by the warmth of wood.
17 highly varied baths. Enjoy the five hot spring sources to your heart's content.

Five hot spring sources

There are five large hot spring sources located on the Yukomansou grounds, as well as a large number of small sources. The hot water which bubbles up from these sources is each unique, and the temperature and spring characteristics of each bath are different.

Each bath is supplied 100% with water straight from the hot spring sources, allowing visitors to experience a diverse variety of hot springs all in one place.

  • Sulfate spring

  • Magnesium-sulfate spring (Old name:Real bitter spring)

  • Hydrogen-carbonate spring

  • Sodium-sulfate spring (Old name:saline spring)

  • sodium・calcium-chloride・hydrogen carbonate・sulfate spring (Old name:Earthy gypsum salt spring)




Day use


  • Open

    12:00 to 19:00 (close/20:00)

  • Price

    • Adult JPY1000
    • Children under 12 
    • Children Under 7  No Charge
  • Amenity

    Two-in-one shampoo・Liquid Body Wash

  • Rental

    Bath towel JPY300

  • For sale

    Hand towel JPY200

Spring water

A hot spring source with one of the largest spring flows in Japan

This water is particularly well known for its delicious taste and constant temperature year-round.
We call this spring water "Yukoman water".

Yukoman water is rich in minerals, and drinking it has the same beneficial effect on the body as eating vegetables.

Spring water and dishes

All the water used at Yukomansou is Yukoman water. All the meals are also prepared using Yukoman water.

Enjoy foods that you can only experience at Yukomansou.